Tooth decay causes great suffering in the world… It afflicts billions… 

That’s the bad news. The good news is… YOU can cure (i.e. arrest) tooth decay. 

Students practicing on models

Tooth decay is rampant throughout the world and the greatest cause of dental problems and pain. But it’s easy to cure, i.e. inactivate, with Silver Nitrate. Almost anyone can to learn to apply this agent properly.

Silver Nitrate is a powerful antimicrobial used for generations in Japan. It kills tooth destroying bacteria in decay and transforms it into a hard, painless and black stain. It will not stain the whole tooth, only the decay. Once decay is arrested, it remains that way if improvements are made in oral health practices, such as brushing, rinsing and a healthier diet.

We train both lay persons and dental professionals, anyone who wants to help those in great need throughout the world.

Treatment is Simple… Painless… Inexpensive…

We offer 3 course options: 

All our courses include essential safe practice principles that must be learned.

Cure Decay Online (free)

Cure Decay Online’s purpose is to help make this greatly needed therapy known throughout the world and to offer simple instructions in how to acquire, safely use and properly apply Silver Nitrate. An inexpensive starter kit is available to those traveling outside the USA with the intention of offering free dental care to those in need.

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Cure Decay I

Cure Decay Online and Cure Decay I are identical except for three things:

Cure Decay I

1. Is a 1-day hands-on workshop practicing the procedural steps in Silver Nitrate therapy. It’s performed on a manikin under supervision with an instructor. This assures that safe and proper application is mastered.

2. Includes four additional dental procedures: the dental exam, fluoride varnish prevention, pain sedation therapy and dental stain removal.

3. Provides a certificate of completion. (See below)

Course Steps

I Home Study: Complete Cure Decay Online with essential safe practice principles

II One-day hands-on workshop with supervised instruction using a manikin

Cure Decay II 

Cure Decay II includes Cure Decay I plus adds filling cavities (holes) in teeth

Course Steps

I Home Study: Complete Cure Decay Online with essential safe practice principles. Read selected pages of our Field Operations Manual.

II Two-day hands-on workshop with supervised instruction using a manikin. Written exam.

Certificate of Completion

Successful completion earns our dental “first-aid” certificate. It affirms that our dental professionals recognize your competency to safely perform our dental treatments. It does not provide any legal authorization. Such is obtained only through the official channels and education systems of individual countries. Our certificate may be renewed annually through a free CE module. Our certificate is to help build your confidence in yourself.

International Service

Our trainees are associated with international organizations serving in the developing world. We can introduce you to some of these. Our hope is that some of our trainees will train nationals so that greatly needed dental care can expand throughout the world. We are happy to offer assistance in this.

Important: Please inquire about the dental laws of your region or country of service. There are limitations on who can provide dental care in most countries. Please respect the law. Inquire with your organization regarding the areas in which you will be serving.

2017 Schedule

June 12-14: I.B.C. D. West Siloam Springs, OK: Class successfully completed!

Personal classes can be arranged.

Cure Decay I [1 day workshop]  Call to schedule

Cure Decay II [2 day workshop] Call to schedule


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Our instructors travel to your city.


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* Bacterial disease that dissolves tooth structure