Dental decay causes great suffering in the world—a tragic occurrence which afflicts billions of people. The pain of a toothache can be excruciating; ask anyone who has not been able to sleep at night because of a toothache.

Two-Day Class

A recent breakthrough in the treatment of dental decay makes it possible to train a person in two days. That’s because we assign home-study reading and home lab practice on a tooth model before the class.

Our Dental Treatments are…

* Simple

* Painless (no painful drills and needles)

* Effective

* Safe

* Portable

* Inexpensive (only pennies per tooth)

* Self­-replicating

Course Steps

Phase I ­ Home­ Study and Practice
Phase II ­ Two-Day Class with Exam

Contact us for details


Successful completion of our course and exam grants you a D.C.F.A.I certificate. It affirms that our dental professionals recognize your competency to perform five simple dental procedures. Member certification is renewed annually through our association.

D. C. F. A. I. Association

Our association keeps members connected for mutual encouragement and support, provides continuing education updates, and assists members with needed supplies.  

International Travel

Our students normally serve abroad with an organization that brings (or desires to bring) assistance, at least in some way, to communities or individuals in need.


It is our hope that those serving abroad long term will themselves train at least two nationals who will subsequently provide basic dental care in their community. We will offer guidelines on how to proceed in that direction.

Treatment Kit

Our treatment kit consists of simple, inexpensive tools you fabricate youself. In this way, you can train nationals in the same way you were trained.

Schedule (2017)

Call to schedule. Classes are held either on Friday and Saturday, or Saturday and Sunday.

June  (dates to be set soon) Institute of Biblical Community Development (I.B.C.D.), West Siloam Springs, AR

Contact Gerry Beauchemin

(956) 831-9011

(956) 280-1708 (cell)