Dental decay causes great suffering in the world—a tragic occurrence which afflicts billions of people. The pain of a toothache can be excruciating; ask anyone who has not been able to sleep at night because of a toothache.

One-Day (10-hour) Class

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A recent breakthrough in the treatment of dental decay makes it possible to train a person in one day. That’s because we assign home-study reading before the class followed with home lab review practice immediately after it.

Treatment is…

* Simple

* Painless (no painful drills and needles)

* Effective

* Safe

* Portable

* Inexpensive (only pennies per tooth)

* Self­-replicating

Course Steps

I ­ Home­ Study
II ­ One­ Day (ten-hour) Class
III­ Home Review Practice
IV­ Exam (oral and lab via Skype)

Contact us for details on the curriculum and exam


Successful completion of our course and exam grants you a dental “first-aid” technician certificate. It affirms that our dental professionals recognize your competency to perform a few simple, basic procedures. Member certification is renewed annually through a continuing education module and field report through our association. The association keeps members connected for mutual encouragement and support, provides C.E. updates, and evaluates field reports.


As one of our dental technicians, you would endeavor to transfer your newly acquired dental knowledge and skills to at least one national in the developing world.

International Travel

You travel with an international organization, with whom you are affiliated, to a community in the developing world that welcomes you. Trips should include at least seven days of dental services, which should suffice if a translator is needed. Ten days is preferred.


After your host community has selected your trainee(s), you follow a step­-by­-step field operations guide. Once you have completed your mission, you will, hopefully,  leave behind a national dental “first-aid” technician committed to continue serving the dental needs of his or her community.

Tool Kit

Our dental kit consists of simple, inexpensive hand tools you teach your trainee(s) to fabricate themselves. In this way, they can train additional technicians in adjacent communities. It’s about replication—the only way to affect the world.


As part of our “extended” dental team, you would continue to oversee your trainee(s) after you have left the country; they already know and trust you. On occasion, you will have to re­stock their supplies. We will help you with that. Our purpose is to enable you to train, equip and oversee your dental team for the long haul.

Schedule (2016)

June 13-14  Institute of Biblical Community Development (I.B.C.D.), West Siloam Springs, AR

June 15  I.B.C.D. In the morning, there will be extra clinical and lab practice (if desired) for those attending the June 13-14 class. In the afternoon, we will have Dr. Mark Manhart, of Omaha NE, introduce both classes (June 13-14  and June 15-17) to simplified root canals on front teeth in the afternoon and to His Calcium Therapy Institute.

June 16-17 I.B.C.D., West Siloam Springs, AR

July – December: Dates will be decided according to applicant requests.


Gerry Beauchemin

(956) 831-9011

(956) 280-1708 (cell)