Gerry Beauchemin SDT (Saskatchewan Dental Therapist), is the director of Dental Care For All International and licensed dental therapist. He is an active member of the Saskatchewan Dental Therapist Association. Gerry and Denise have been involved in international dental care since 1989 and have three daughters and six grandchildren.

Denise Beauchemin, Gerry’s wife, serves in administration, accounting, communication, etc. Whatever needs to be done, she is there. Without her the mission could not function.

While Gerry and Denise served in Senegal from January 1993 to June 2001, they helped pioneer, with Dr. Martine Fritsch and her husband Jean Marc (France), the YWAM House of Hope, a medical and dental clinic in Dakar, Senegal. Gerry’s duties included training seven Senegalese nationals in primary dental care. The YWAM clinic continues to serve the medical and dental needs of those in need to this day. Since leaving Senegal in 2001, Gerry has returned seven times, as recently as November 2015—to update, encourage and evaluate his former dental team.

In addition to serving with YWAM, initially in the Philippines (20 months), then later in Senegal, they have, for the last 16 years, continued in international dental training on the border of Mexico in Brownsville Texas. Gerry has done mission trips to Honduras, Guatemala, Haiti, Dem. Rep. of Congo (twice), and countless times in Mexico. This is why they reside on the border. Each summer, Gerry teaches simplified dental care at the Institute of Biblical Community Development in West Siloam Springs, OK. He has trained over 300 students in basic dental care.

Jason and Meggan Padvorac (biomechanical engineering, software programmer / PhD philosophy) DCFAI instructors and visionaries with a heart to take this mission into the future.

Dee Danner, DDS is senior dental adviser. He graciously offers advice and counsel in all aspects of this program. His wife Janet took Gerry’s class in 2004 and having caught the vision, introduced her husband to it who then visited with Gerry to see the training for himself. In addition to a successful career in private dental practice, they have become experienced practitioners and educators in simplified dental care across the world.

Luke Fisher RN and Oklahoma farmer, took Gerry’s class in 2010 and has since, on occasion, assisted Gerry in training. He and his wife serve 6-7 months each year in the Dem. Rep. of Congo, having trained numerous Congolese dental health nurses. Luke assisted Gerry in teaching a course in Honduras in 2011, taught another class together in DRC in 2015, and lectured with Gerry at IBCD in June 2016. Gerry has gleaned important insights from Luke’s field experiences.

Gary Fenwick PhD, Gerry’s first team member, due to his extensive field experience, assists in field testing new ideas and helps with Mexico field trips whenever he can.

Dental Consultants: A number of caring dentists offer assistance and advice whenever asked. Special thanks and appreciation go out to Mike Bottrell, Steve Duffin, John Frachella, Nyla Gordon, Jim Greeley, Ron Lamb, Mark Manhart, Paul Yi. Martin Macintyre…. numerous others could be mentioned.